Snow E.


(1993 - 2005)

by Beth Cole    © 2014

S a m a n t i c s

This is Snow E. Bear, my very first Samoyed. 

It was 1995, I was a Police Officer in the City of Reading, Pennsylvania, and got a call on a dog abandoned in a house.  The neighbor told us he had been giving the dog biscuits through the door. We waited for the landlord to arrive. When we got inside, it appeared the dog was being fed and watered, but that was it, she was abandoned otherwise. I looked up the stairs and saw this beautiful white dog!!! We had no clue what kind of dog it was except that she was beautiful!

She seemed like she was defending her turf until I offered her a biscuit and down she came as happy as could be! We had to call animal control to come and get her. We didn’t want to but, that was how it had to be.

I knew the people from Animal Control quite well and told them to let us know if anyone came for her.


I don’t think they made any concerted effort to find the owner seeing the conditions this dog lived in. They knew how well we took care of our pets and called us and asked if we wanted her. Without hesitation, we went and got her.

They told us they thought she was a Samoyed. We had never heard of this breed so I went onto the computer and did a TON of research. We learned a lot from this first Samoyed. I loved her so much I adopted two more -- Neeka and Kedo -- and bought a puppy, Remington, who is shown in the photo to the right (with Snow E. Bear).

Snow E. Bear passed away at home of natural causes. The other two adopted Samoyeds we had to have put to sleep due to health problems. Remington is still with me and will be 10 years old on May 1st.


Snowy always loved to lick out the dog food can after her supper, that was her favorite thing to do. And if we ever spilled any food on the floor, we just said: “Snow E. Bear, clean up, aisle 3!”  And she would come running and clean up whatever we had dropped on the floor.

I wish I had known about training and therapy dog work back then, she would have been great!  But she was such a good dog!!!  I miss her.


L to R:  Remington & Snow E. Bear

“ a call on a dog abandoned in a house.”

“They told us they thought she was a Samoyed.  We had never heard of this breed....”

Snow E. Bear circa 2004