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(born 2010)

by Lidiya Gavrilenko

© 2011

He liked Siberian Huskies for their smarts and beauty, and I liked German Shepherds for their trainability and size. Unfortunately, we were (and are) renters and finding a property in Maryland that didn't have those breeds on a restricted list or a weight limit for dogs that capped out at 25 lbs proved to be an impossible task.  We began to look for alternatives when we moved into a complex that advertised as “large pet friendly”.

For about a month, we read all about medium sized working dog breeds that we could get our hands on. Of course the Samoyed captivated us instantly. We got the puppy from Kondako (Dave and Diane Richardson) in time for my husband's birthday. We clipped her tiny nails, we combed her fluffy hair, we taught her how to be a good girl, and she was ours.

“To say that

owning your first

dog changes your

life is an


It made me a better person, because suddenly I was willing to do things for this puppy that I wasn't willing

to do for myself. We played for hours and went on long walks.  I became very patient (when it came to Rigel, at least). I got used to smiling and repeating my memorized speech when people stopped in the street and wanted to meet the fluffy white dog. And, of course, if people didn't want to befriend my dog I wasn't interested in befriending them.

Rigel is one year old at the time of writing, and it's hard to believe that it's been a year already. She's  a great apartment dog. We take daily hour long walks and she naps on the cool kitchen floor during the hottest hours of the day. We bring her everywhere with us and she loves meeting new people. I can hardly wait until fall when we can start doing a bit of mushing and really enjoy the weather once we get some snow.

“My husband and I knew we wanted a dog long before we met.”