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Blauwerk Scooters
Blauwerk “Willy” -- Tam and Gidget used this for years.  Fine for the C&O Canal and National Mall but the brakes are not as good as the Diggler.  On the plus side, lower ground clearance makes the Willy easier to kick -- a significant issue if your dog is not a strong puller.
Diggler Scooters 
“Alpha Disk” -- great for strong pullers (one or more sammies) because of the disc brakes.  Also has more room for your feet.  Higher ground clearance makes this scooter more difficult to kick than the Blauwerk Willy above.
Dogscootering/bikejoring allows snow-deprived Samoyeds to experience the thrill of running full-out pulling their people.  For the Samoyed owner, this is a wonderful opportunity to witness the remarkable power and endurance that a fit Samoyed can demonstrate.  

Samoyeds should be at least 18 months old before being subjected to this degree of physical stress.  Be mindful that many Samoyeds, such as PVSC Samoyed Blaze, can be so focused on pulling fast that they’ll run themselves too hard.  So you have to exercise judgment for them, especially when they are just beginning this vigorous activity.  And please make sure their nails are trimmed before scootering.  

The rider should wear a helmet and be on the lookout for squirrels or anything else that their dog may be distracted by, perhaps to the extent of veering suddenly or coming to an abrupt halt.  Bike gloves are also highly recommended.

PVSC Samoyeds Blaze, Sarge, Harry, Charlotte and the “Blues Sisters” bikejor/scooter only in temperatures below 55 degrees -- colder the better.  Even in cool weather, you will need to carry plenty of water for your dog.  And know the risks of bloat (don’t feed within two hours of such exertion).

** Several scooters will be available for trying out at the Nov. 4 clinic.  Harness availability will be limited (big boys could be out of luck) so if you are seriously interested in giving your Samoyed a go at it, please consider buying one in advance from Alpine Outfitters (the “Urban Trails Harnesses” are custom-made and could take a few weeks from order to delivery).

Daffy with Blauwerk’s “The Willy” (20” wheels)

HINTan “Aerobar” keeps the tow line off and out of the front wheel.  You can also now buy a “noodle.”

VIDEO: Gidget pulling Tam’s mountain bike on the National Mall

Excellent videos and info (3 well-trained Samoyeds) at this link:

VIDEO: Gidget pulling Tam at the Capitol


Measuring for an “x-back harness” (can be used for scootering as well as sledding).  The “Urban Trails Harness” from Alpine Outfitters will vary from this but the neck is similar.


Clinic:  Saturday, November 4, 2017

VIDEO: Four Samoyeds pulling a Diggler Alpha Dawg scooter (w/disc brakes) at Sea Isle City, New Jersey

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Handouts from 
August 23, 2014 PVSC clinic