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Julie Goodwin

When did you get your first Samoyed?   1998.

Were they a show dog?  Unknown. He was a rescue.

Their name (please include AKC registered name, if they had one)?  Morgan.

Male or female?  Male.

Where did you get them?  Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue.

Why did you choose a Samoyed?   I have always admired their magnificent coats and wolflike/bearlike appearance.

What are your favorite memories of your first Samoyed?  He was such an incredible huggy bear.  A sweetheart.

What are your least favorite memories of your first Samoyed?  The short period of time in which he lived.

What did they chew up when they were puppies?  (shoes, etc.)  My first and second Samoyed, never chewed anything at all, except the food they I gave them to eat.   Paige, my third Samoyed,  chewed EVERYTHING that was plastic or rubber.  She preferred black plastic and rubber but would be satisfied with white plastic too, from time to time.   She ate everything that was plastic on the exterior of my camper, including the door handle, and all of the electrical wiring and sheathing underneath the camper.

How many strangers observed that your Samoyed was “so fluffy?”  Everyone.

How many strangers asked if your Samoyed’s name was “Snowball?”  Most just referred to them as snowballs.

My favorite question that is routinely asked is:  "Do they shed?'

Also, a favorite question asked AFTER the person is hanging around the neck of the Sammy is:  "Can we pet your dog?"